If you are interested in taking violin lessons with me, please fill out this online form:

I have worked with a variety of students, from enthusiastic three year olds, to studious teenagers, to working adults who are in love with classical music! It has been absolutely wonderful getting to know my students over the years and I have been amazed at the progress that each individual can make. I have had students do things like play in their school talent show, join a community orchestra, host a home concert for their family, get accepted into a music CEGEP program, and even write their own music! What each student does with their new skills is entirely up to them and what matters to them.

I am currently accepting in-person students in Victoria, BC from October-May, and in-person students in San Diego, CA from June-September. I also have space for online students any time of the year. Rates are $40 for a half hour lesson, $80 for an hour.

Thanks for taking the time to consider studying with me and I look forward to meeting you! ❁