“…Has a goal not only to create music that’s unique, but also music that will open up audience’s senses and they wish to share it with the world.” -Stencil Mag UK

Værisa is as much a band as it is a presentation of music, performance and emotion. Our goal is to create an experience that is more than just something sonic – an experience that is audial, visual, and more. We want to achieve something unique.

Based out of Toronto, Canada, with our members travelling half way around the world to play music together, and with our genres crossing through the bounds of rock, orchestral, and electronic, the possibilities for us are endless and we hope to create unforgettable moments along our journey.

Formed in 2018, after touring the east coast of Canada, as well as taking part in festivals and events such as Toronto’s Indie Week, we spent months writing & recording what would become our debut record. ‘Heliograph‘ is set to be released through Sony/BFD in April of 2022.


APA Agency
CA: Ralph James
US: Ben Mench-Thurlow


Band Members
Ellery Price – Vocals
Zeke Mountain – Instruments
Kimberly Durflinger – Violin